Showing Understanding Using Technology

1. Digital Shakespeare and the iPad (pdf presentation on ibooks)
Goal: The best way to learn Shakespeare is to interact with the text

Link to the Projects Below

2. Doug Kiang, a teacher from Hawaii

  • Before going on their class trip to Italy, kids researched and created media rich books using iBook Author. In Italy, ibooks were used as a reference at the museums, stores and natural sites

    Check out thees Skill posters with embedded videos you can read with a QR Reader
  • You can download QR Reader to read QR Codes
  • You can generate QR Codes for free at this site
  • Create book trailers for the library (post QR codes on books)

3. Writers workshop using iPads. First graders in a 1:1 iPad classroom draw their mental images during a poetry read-aloud, share their drawings, and proceed to publish their own work using a variety of tools.

4. 6 year olds making tutorials, teaching others how to do things, like make a cookie spider . Kids in different parts of the world or country teaching each other, exchanging knowledge, window int creativity in classroom.

A note from a teacher: "My classes will teach: Each class will first practice a task or a tool and then get a chance to teach the world (via blog) how to do these things. Using screencasts, create videos, audioclips, ebooks, maps with photos and text, apps, posters, and graphic novels,
Next Year: Beginning of the year sit down with the kids and talk about being storytellers, Authors, Bloggers, Newcasters, Filmmakers, and programmers"

5. iBandHD You make me so electric
6. Khan academy created a whole new model for Rashi school, now teachers and kids are building their own video library.

7. Henry, le chat noir - Henry the cat videos used for French class..lets tell madam!

8. Going paperless (its about the workflow) - Reading, annotating PDFs and collaborating with classmates

9. Visualize and explain everything - narrated images