How to add .WAV or mp3 music to your Google Site

First, create a new “File Cabinet Page” for your music files.
Upload your .wav or mp3 files to this page
Go to the page you would like your music to be on and copy this code onto your clipboard.
Edit Page
Insert>More Gadgets
Search for Google Audio Player
Now, go back to the page you created where your music files are.
Over the word that says download, right click and “copy link address”
Go back to the page where you would like to play the music from.
Paste the link into the URL box
Okay and Save

Using Google Forms to Create a online Quiz

Create a form in Google Docs

Create a Google Doc from a template

Google Docs Tutorial for Teachers

GOOGLE workshop notes

Google Sites overview

Google sites examples

world history example

english example

google tools

Search: Octopus (example)
Show fake page

Advance Search: Build a better query by framing the question.

All these words: Octopus diet habitat

Looking for Data
All these words: 2000
This exact wording or phrase: US senses
File type: MS Excel
Domain: gov

Looking for Animation files
All these words: USA battles
This exact wording or phrase: Civil war
File type: shockwave flash (.swf)

Creating .swf files,225

Advance Search: Swine flue
Click on More
Select: Wonder wheel
Select: Timeline

external image clip_image002.png

Visual representation of GOOGLE advance search

GOOGLE Custom Search – creating a custom search site

TKAM search – example

Select: Custom search

Search Captain – pick a student ones a month

GOOGLE teacher academy

For educators