Digital Dossier



Digital Natives (Video Chapters)

Way Back MAchine (show as an example of archives)

Share your favorite video and win $10,000 (good videos to share)

Born Digital Videos - book by John Palfrey

David Jakes

What comes up when you do a search?

What kids do?
73% text message
14% blog
8% use twitter
38% share content
21% remix

Physical Space (Classroom) + Digital Space = Learning Space

Q: What does it mean to be well educated in the 21st Century?

Q: In your classroom what are the core skills you should be teaching?
Collaboration, problem solving, creativity, digital citizenship

1. Knowledge Commons
2. Course Learning Space (MOODLE) - TEACHERS
3. Student Learning Space (Google Apps) – STUDENTS (portfolio, representation of learning, academic profile)
4. Physical Learning Space

List the names of the tools that teachers are using in school – have parents create accounts to see what the kids are doing