YES WE DID – book, how social media build the Obama Brand

The Road to Chicago

How young people are using tech to change the way they are interacting with business, media, politics.

Overarching Themes

· Power of strategy in an integrated media campaign
· Online organizing = offline action
· Consistent branding & design (hope, action and change)
· Iterations (start with one blog, one profile)

Overall Funds Raised

Obama fundraising September 2008
150 million (67% from online) – in 30 days

MyBO dashboard (Network)

2 million profiles were created
35, 000 volunteer groups
400,000 blog posts
200,000 offline events

People were creative coming up with ideas


1. Creating new engaging opportunities (brand new activities, read the blog, follow on twiiter, watch video on YouTube and share with other people)
a) Be wary of arbititrary merits
b) Focus on value add
c) Target high engagement users


Information you get family or friends is more trusted. All these sites were uses in unison … with the click of the mouth

Control the message, when, no middle men, big measure of control of what being send out, not rely on the main media

WIKIBOOKS (free educational books, anyone can edit them

2. Convert ….

· 1 billion emails
· Hyper – Segmentation
· Over 13 million email addresses collected
· The ASK vs. The Nudge

College professor offered Office hours on FaceBook
- peole become more engadged

3. Facilitate existing behavior

iPhone Obama Application


A global impact
A new model emerges
Institutions are unprepared

Rich multimedia experience

Wikipedia hunt

Start at Drug hotel in Columbia and then end up reading about Donald Duck

Digital citizenship – giving back to the community, being positive forces on the web

Teachers used to be a gate-keepers on knowledge, now teachers are learning in parallel to your students