Beyond e-mail Communication

Engaging a school community into community action projects


How does the teacher communicate with students?

What tools does the school communicate with parents?

What tools do students use to communicate?



FACEBOOK – using to build the alum site (international school of Bangkok)

Can you create a community using a face book?
Start BB&N school parent community – start a discussion group, bringing the community together.

WEBPAGE ANOTOMY - create a class webpage/newsletter
Updated 3 times a week – frequency is important
LESS is more (2 pictures and the paragraphs)
The web was not made to scroll (check USA today)
3-7 seconds the average person makes a decision is they go or stay
Hyper-links are key
Comments a key
RSS feed

Blogs as a platform used by teachers to create websites

Blogging as genre (style of writing)

ISB buys a FLKR school account $25/year - put all pictures, parents can print or download them