1. Effective use of technology: technology has to be in the hands of the students
  2. Ability to research effectively online (otherwise severe handicap in the 21st century)
  3. Decline of print media (linear) – ascendancy of screen based communication (multi modality digital communication)
  4. Primary sources are now 99% digitized
  5. New “public”, sharing private details online. Cultural expectations are shifting – today kids are expected to be published … Desire to share and collaborate

C-R-C-D Conceptual Framework in the 21st century
Professor Ben Schneiderman

Collect –> Research (online)
Relate –> Collaborate (multi modality digital communication)
Create –> to learn (culminating activity to create to teach others)
Donate –> to others (community service)

Activity #1
Google spreadsheet (latitude, longitude)
Insert/Gadget: Map

In Google Maps
Click on New (Google Maps Labs)